The Best 5 Mind Control Books in 2019 Review.

 1. 50 Mind Control Techniques for healers & hustlers.

A very practical book packed with 50 techniques many of which have a step by step guide.

Many of the Amazon reviews say that it is very practical and easy to follow and one the reviews says it is a dark and disturbing read!

Basically this book does what it says on the tin. If you want to learn some amazing and simple mind control techniques & tricks that you can apply to your everyday life (and the people around you!), this book is for you & it's free on kindle unlimitedNUMBER 1 PICK.

Amazon link to book & ebook: best mind control book UK link or best mind control book USA link or best mind control book India link.


2. Mind Control: manipulation, deception and persuasion.

A really interesting book. The description says "you'll learn if you're being brainwashed by others. This book helps you know who in your life is using mind control tactics, and to what expect".

It has some good reviews on Amazon so all in all a really handy book to have in your mind control collection.

Amazon link to book: click here UK or click here USA.

3. My Voice Will Go With You: The Teaching Tales of Milton H. Erickson.

Erickson is obligatory reading for anyone interested in the field of mind control. The description says "In this book Sidney Rosen has collected over one hundred of the tales. Presented verbatim and accompanied by Dr. Rosen's commentary, they are grouped under such headings as Motivating Tales, Reframing, and Capturing the Innocent Eye".

It has a lot of good reviews on Amazon so definitely worth a look.

Amazon link to book: click here UK or click here USA.

4. Manipulation: How To Secretly Manipulate People.

An easy to read guide on manipulation. The description says "Manipulation is a practice whereby you look into someone’s natural psychological tendencies and use them to help you get your way".

Straightforward and it has good reviews on Amazon so check it out.

Amazon link to book: click here UK or click here USA.

5. Mind Control, Human Psychology, Manipulation, Persuasion Revealed.

A good study of the field of mind control. The description says "The truth is, mind control is very real. The only question left about its existence is how does mind control really work. Is it as mystical and creepy as most people believe it is? Or is there a real science behind it?"

A lot of good reviews on Amazon worth a read.

Amazon link to book: click here UK or click here USA.

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