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About to buy a car or a house, is the seller being honest?

Are your kids telling you the truth?

Is your partner being faithful?

You are about to employ a child minder, cleaner or staff member. Are they being honest in their interview?

In everyday life lies are all around us and studies show that most people are terrible at detecting lies.

That's where can help. We are experts at analyzing micro expressions & body language.

1. Simply ask the suspect a question while filming them.

2. Send the video & it will be analyzed by our experts.

3. You will then receive an email with a deception analysis.  

Expert Analysis

Send a video of someone you suspect is lying to you & our experts will analyze it for you from only £27. experts are leaders in micro expression & deception analysis.


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From as little as £27 our experts can uncover the truth for you.

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Personal Analysis

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Does procrastination hold you back but you don't why?

Do you have a mystery illness the Doctors can't fully explain? 


Fib Face can uncover the truth and set you on the path to a more successful future.


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*Special offers are for a limited time only and are based on a basic video analysis. The Unity Principal Ltd takes no responsibility for any damage or loss caused by our analysis and we do not in any way guarantee a basic video analysis. More detailed and complex analysis is available on request.