Deception Analysis Training (micro expressions)

Did you know that micro expressions can:


Give you warning that someone is about to commit an act of violence or terrorism.

Give you warning that someone is being deceptive or lying to you.

Give you more information unconsciously than you could get by hours of questioning.


Add value to your sales, negotiations, security and more. In just one powerful workshop Unity can train you to use micro expressions & body language in sales, negotiations, communications, networking relationships or security.


Unity Deception Analysis Training will build your skill levels in two core areas:


Micro Expressions - Mainly focuses on facial expressions that give away what a person is really thinking and feeling.


High Process Communications - Unity has spent many years in the field working with a variety of clients and has developed its own unique deception analysis system (Hiprocom) that pulls together techniques from a variety of disciplines. HiProCom is powerful, fast and accurate. 

Unity trainers are experts in deception analysis and do not rely on software for their analysis. Unity head trainer Jennie Kitching ADPR has just released the TOP SELLER "Human Lie Detection: illustrated guide" (available on Amazon). This is a fantastic entry level book for anyone interested in micro expressions and high process communications.



Accredited Deception Analysis/Micro Expression Training 2019 


1 Day Accredited Level 1 Intro Deception Analysis Course: 12th October 2019


What does confidence look and sound like? You might be surprised...

You will learn to recognise expressions of authenticity and true confidence.


Confidence in public speaking: No.1 tip, it's not the speaking bit...

You will develop a talent for spotting authentic confident expression and develop an appreciation of how to achieve it within yourself.


Are you aware of your own personal deceptive body language and micro expressions? 84% of people tested have no idea or get this wrong...

You will learn to recognise the mechanics of some of the expressions which engender distrust and deception.


Fully accredited with Hiprocom. Whether presenting to corporate multinational partners, or eliciting responses from your teenager, deception awareness in oneself and in others improves communication in all arenas.

Next course:

12th October 2019 Birmingham.


Fee only £195.

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1 Day Accredited Level 2 Deception Analysis Course: 2019.


 A deep dive into the mechanics of micro expressions.


This training is designed for your specific needs so you can get the maximum benefit from the course.


Whether your field of interest is in negotiations, relationships, gambling, forex trading, security, law enforcement or mental health our expert trainers can give you the specific deception analysis and micro expression tools to give an edge.

Course prerequisite: completion of level 1.

Next course:

December Birmingham.


Fee only £690.



1 Day Accredited Deception Analysis (Statements) Course.

Textual analysis can be used in a wide array of fields such as law, law enforcement, insurance and recruitment.

Use the contact form below for training dates. £700 / $970. 


Customised Training.

We can also create a training package based on your specific environment and objectives.



We now have a range of online video courses and Amazon books available. Learn more about micro expressions, deception analysis and human lie detection.

Unity also has an online beginner's video course available through Udemy. Click Here for more information.

Fans of Cal Lightman in tv’s ‘Lie to Me’ will love this.

Illustrated and easy to follow, knowing these facial expressions will uncover hidden emotions in the people you are interacting with giving you more honest interactions.

Amazon top seller UK link or US link.

Lie to Me?

Suspect that something said or written doesn't add up? Apply structured analysis to discover the truth.

This book will allow you to read between the lines and find out the truth and the lies.

Amazon top seller UK link or US link.

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