Jennie Kitching 'Hypnowoman' travels around the UK and abroad, training qualified hypnotherapists to Advanced Level Practioner status. There is no higher qualification in the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council Register.  All coursework can be completed online and on Skype with Jennie (add 'askhypnowoman' to your Skype), however Jennie is happy to travel to you to meet privately to get you through, as demonstrated below!  The 'Helpful Hypnotists' Facebook Group is full of the highest qualified hypnotherapists personally trained by Jennie who enjoy worldwide elite status, some of whom are picture below.  All Advanced Practitioners become firm friends and meet socially beyond their training, for friendship and support.  We welcome you to join us.














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The Unity Principal 
(Jennie Kitching)
Location: Distance Learning


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Advanced Practitioner Course 
The course can be started at any time.

Your Investment in becoming Advanced £1,500.

Become an Advanced Practitioner and enjoy promoting your skills and the Profession of Hypnotherapy. 

The way forward: UNITY ADVANCED PRACTITIONER course is approved by the GHR for both in class and online delivery.


Unity is only one of 7 schools in the world that is approved to offer advanced training and if you complete the Advanced Practitioner course you will be one of only a handful of hypnotists in the world who can use the status of Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy ( AdvDipH ) after your name. For those registrants who have been qualified for two years or more, you can be listed on the GHR website as an Advanced Practitioner (ADPR) too.

If you are wondering about signing up right now on the Advanced Practitioner Course here are some frequently asked questions:

When can I start? You can start right now. The course is a rolling self paced course so you can complete it as fast or slow as you like in your own home provided that you complete the course within 12 months.

Is there support? Yes, you will be joining the thriving social media group "Helpful Hypnotists" where we all support each other. Yes we offer email, text and Skype and telephone support where you can ask questions and we give you practical support. We also have social evenings.  Support Groups and one to one support is available via payment plans.

It is essential that each participant has successfully completed the Practitioner Diploma (and by personal attendance) prior to undertaking the Advanced Diploma in order to be eligible for Advanced status within the GHR when you apply for registration. Unity's aim is for all GHR registrants to achieve Advanced status so that we can all enhance the Profession, enjoying all the professional benefits that this gives.

Yes, the Advanced Practitioner course can be started at any time. Support is available through a study group which is led by Jennie and we also provide email & phone support. 

About the Advanced Diploma:
The Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy is a substantial in depth course taking your practice to the next level.
It encourages academic, critical and reflective thinking on your practice, learning and ethics.
It provides a clear advancement on your initial hypnotherapy training and experience enhancing your knowledge, skills and techniques. It also actively encourages a considered and critical approach to hypnotherapy research and theories. 

The Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy offered by Unity has been Assessed and Validated at Advanced Practitioner Level by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (UK). Completion of the course leads to the Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy giving the letters AdvDipH after your name. Graduates from this course (who have already qualified at Practitioner status via a course validated by the GHSC at Practitioner Level) are eligible for professional registration with the General Hypnotherapy Register (the GHSC’s Registering Agency) at Advanced Practitioner Level, provided that they have been in Practice for at least two years. This will additionally give the letters ADPR after your name.

Applicants for this advanced course must have received a substantial amount of live training as required for professional membership. They must already be fully conversant with inducing, deepening, maintaining and disengaging trance, hypnotic and posthypnotic suggestions. They are likely to be practising hypnotherapists who want to improve and enhance their skills for the benefits of their clients or practitioners who may have had time away from the profession who wish to re-engage with their learning. 

The advanced diploma in hypnotherapy will improve your knowledge and techniques and develop your critical and analytical thinking skills. It will also show you how to maximise success, deal with awkward situations/clients, expand your questioning techniques and develop you as a Reflective Practitioner.

About the manual:

Here is the Amazon link to the manual
First Published in 2014 …..under continuous review
The GHSC reserves the right to randomly sample homework portfolios from accredited schools to check standards of student work and tutor feedback.

The Unity Principal reserves the right to amend and adapt the structure and content of the Advanced Course, including course delivery and payment structures at any time, pending the approval of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council.




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