Accredited 4 Day NLP Consultant Practitioner Training Monaco 6-9 October 2018.

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What will I be able to do when I graduate from this training?

1. Treat clients with a range of issues such as Weight Loss, Phobias, Stop Smoking, Life & Business Coaching.

2. Become an accredited Hiprocom NLP Practitioner and earn the right to use HCPNLP after your name.

3. Help yourself & others achieve personal success. 

"Seeing the look of amazement and gratitude on a client's face after I have removed their crippling anxiety or an addiction to fast food is the most magical and rewarding experience". JK College Principal and author of "12 Weight Loss Essentials for Hypnotherapists" & "The Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy".


Full accreditation with Hiprocom means you are receiving quality training.

NLP Practitioner Course Curriculum:

* Intro: What is NLP. Structure of re-presenting reality.

* The Linguistics & Body Language of Deception.

* Instant rapport building.

* NLP to strengthen rapport & lead.

* NLP Therapeutic Techniques: collapsing phobias.

* Control Centre Technique for Pain Control, reducing addictions & easing anxiety.

* Therapeutic techniques: new behaviour generation technique for removing old negative behaviours & for boosting motivation.

* Stepping Stone Technique for revealing self sabotaging behaviour & creating successful strategies for moving forward.

* MicroExpressions: the hidden language which reveals what people are really thinking.


At Unity we are one of only a few who can offer

4 day fast track Consultant Practitioner Training &

No written examinations


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Accredited NLP Training with some of the most experienced trainers in the world. Unity Trainers are experienced Practitioners and Trainers.

Unity are specialists in fast track, intensive training world wide.


Intensive Training Pattern & Pricing

4 Day NLP Consultant Practitioner course Monaco:

6-9 October 2018.

The course fee is only 1290 euros.

We also offer a 3 week NLP & Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma Click Here.

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What is included in my NLP Hypnotherapy Diploma?

1. Certified HiProCom Practitioner in NLP.

2. Micro Expression Certification.

3. Expert tutors with over 30 years of client experience.

4. Text book detailing both theory and practical work.

5. Practical experience during the course.

6. Tea, coffee and nibbles.

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Unity Testimonials

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J kitching ADPR SQHP

College Principal